Our Self Improvement Courses are self-directed non-graded classes. These helpful courses often include training we have developed for you using a variety of teaching resources. Tuition will vary for each class. 

Tuition Includes: Access to online all course materials, including teachings via written material, audio, and video. Some of our courses include an ebook version of the required books in your tuition. Some courses require you to purchase books in addition to your tuition. 

There is no Professor grading done in our self improvement classes. They are all self graded, and self directed. Once you register for an online Self Improvement course, it will be available to you anywhere at any time. We want you to be able to learn on the schedule that works best for you. You don’t have to be online at any specific time for the classes.

Our Self Improvement classes can be taken at any age. High school student can enroll in our self-improvement courses as part of their homeschooling curriculum. You will need to confirm the course is approved to be included as part of your homeschooling curriculum.

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Learn how to pray like the leaders in the Bible! In this class we will learn how to pray from focusing on prayer in the lives of nine different biblical figures: Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Hezekiah, Ezra, Nehemiah, Samuel, Daniel, and Paul.  In this class, we explore how important prayer was to the spiritual lives of these Biblical Leaders. You will learn of concrete examples of the importance and nature of prayer, grounded in biblical narratives. 

This class is a non-graded self improvement course. 

There is a pdf textbook to be used by the students. The pdf of the textbook is included in the tuition for the class. The teaching material is written and pre-recorded video. Therefore, all course content is available for you to read, watch, or listen to, whenever works best for your schedule. The class is set up so that each student can work at their own pace. The online class can be taken when you have time. There is no final or any other exams for you to complete.

How to Pray Like Biblical Leaders
Tuition is $99. Course ID number: LEAD0001
To enroll for this course, simply email us, at student@ywamHollywood.org, and tell us the name and the course number of the class you want to take. Then we will send you an invoice for you to pay your tuition.