The battle of good vs evil is real. Your life is critical to God's plan. You were created by God to change the world. We can train you to succeed. We know how to help you get started, get the skills you need, and how to stay successful as you lead and inspire others.

Leadership is more than simply learning a few people skills that will help you to work with a team. True Leadership is about character, and ethics, and truth. True leaders set an example of righteousness for their team. Our Leadership courses help you to be a leader who sets an example by pursuing the truth of God and bringing hope and encouragement to those around you. 

Ywam's international motto is to "Know God and to Make Him Known." Our courses help you to do just that. Our Ministry Courses help you to Know God and discover who He created you to be so that you can do your destiny. Our Creative Courses help give you the skills and abilities to Make God Known through the arts, media, and entertainment. Our Leadership Courses help you to successfully do your destiny and equip you to lead and communicate with confidence so that others can Know God and Make Him Known.

Courses are taught through written material, prerecorded video, and/or prerecorded audio teaching, therefore course content is available for you to read, watch, or listen to, whenever works best for your schedule.

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